1 oz Pet Hemp Oil 500mg – Pure CBD Tincture

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Support your pet’s healthy lifestyle with our premium hemp oil extract tincture in hemp seed oil, taken sublingually. Serving per bottle: 30. Amount per serving: 16mg


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Our hemp is grown and extracted with love from Colorado! Zero THC in all animal products.
1 oz Pet Hemp Oil 500 mg


Hemp extract oil, Hempseed oil

All of our pet products contain zero THC, ensuring that there will be no psychoactive effects for them or get them “high.” Groheline’s CBD Pet Products were formulated to give your furry friends natural relief and peace of mind, therefore allowing both of you to live stress-free lives.

Place one dropperful into your pet’s mouth, placing it as far back onto the tongue as possible or directly apply to food.

Recommendations for use:
Put only a little bit of food into your pet’s bowl, ensuring that all of his or her food will be eaten and no CBD will be wasted.

22 reviews for 1 oz Pet Hemp Oil 500mg – Pure CBD Tincture

  1. Jan P.

    I just bought this product for my 15 year old dog & would recommend it to anyone with an older dog! He definitely seems to have more energy & is having less “accidents”. I’m so happy to give my dog some relief in his older age!!!

  2. Donna

    My dog runs from most medicines, but doesn’t seem to mind this one!

  3. Harold

    Great product, truly life-saving!!!

  4. Trevon

    Seems to be working VERY WELL for my dog! He’s moving around more than he has in years. Meets me at the door every day now. Hasn’t done that in at least 4 years!!!

  5. Joseph R.

    I see a noticeable difference in my dogs energy after a few weeks of regularly taking this product! Great stuff!

  6. Ronnie P.

    I just drop it in my dogs water bowl & he can’t tell the difference. Makes it easy for anyone in the family to give him his meds!

  7. Venita C

    Seems to help my 19 year old cat. He is more active and more comfortable

  8. Michele Carrion

    Just began giving this to my two 13 year old cats. Already noticed a difference in appetite and activity

  9. Orval Nixon

    Very fast shipping. I’ve used it for just a couple of days on my dog so far I do see he is a bit more calm. I will follow up in a couple weeks and will update.

  10. Brian Roberts

    This seems to be helping my 16 year old Rat Terrier who has problems walking.He is alert loves to eat and I believe this is what helped him

  11. Maxine Graves

    Trying out CBD oil for my cat the first time Groheline seems to be very legit and straight forward. I hope it works

  12. Susan Garcia

    I am using this product for my cats.
    So far I can see a difference in their temperaments and their fur feels amazing

  13. Jeanne B. Williams

    I have only been giving to my 2 min pins that have diabetes for 4 days, but so far they seem to have more energy and their constant scratching has subsided! So far so good

  14. Carlos Vaughn

    My dog seems calmer and not so scared! I’m also hoping he will stop scratching so much

  15. Kimberly Snow

    Actually I just received it yesterday and haven’t used it yet. Hope to keep my dog calm when there is a thunder storm. Nothing else works

  16. Joseph Bennet

    Tried trazodone per the vet but did not like the response or side effects. The CBD oil has been showing positive results with a decreased number of aggressive episodes, without any nasty side effects

  17. Frank R. Blair


  18. Ann Barajas

    My dog was having seizures. Sometimes 3-5 a day. Have been using this products for about 5 weeks with great results

  19. Kathy LaRochelle

    Got the 250mg bottle to try to help my 14yr old basset hound with her diarrhea caused by inflammation in her digestive system and we even switched her over to easy digestion food, after about 15 drops 2× a day a week later her diarrhea is completely gone and she is so much happier and eating normally again.

  20. Danny Peeples

    Bingo graduated to the 500mg from the 250mg after the doctor discovered a torn meniscus in his knee. His Vet is going to give him a cortisone shot and see if the CBD regenerates any cartilage.

  21. Jamal A

    Good product. Love that it’s a Colorado company and was effective for my pups. Giving 4 stars!

  22. cbd

    got this for my corgi and got the ice gel for myself and both have been effective. commented on the other but this smell is much better than the ice gel. both effective thoug

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