375mg Pet Hemp Treats

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Each bag is formulated with 375 mg of Hemp Extract Oil. Each bite is made from dehydrated beef and lamb lung and contains approximately 25 mg of Hemp Extract Oil. These treats are grain free, non GMO, all natural and contain no trace of THC as it can be toxic for pets. Serving size per bite varies. 1.5 Ounces per bag, approximately 15 bites.

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Our hemp is grown and extracted with love from Colorado! Zero THC in all animal products.
375 mg Pet Hemp Treats



  • All natural USA sourced Beef Lung (Dehydrated) – made with an organ meat base which is grain free, gluten free and a great source of minerals
  • Hemp Extract Oil – excellent course of cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Sunflower Lecithin – powerful antioxidant, natural emulsifier of fat and allows the body to use fats as energy or break down saturated fats and pass them from the body.
  • Turmeric – Enhanced Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Beta Caryophyllene – heightened bioavailability, pain relief, boosts immune system, alleviates stress, reduces inflammation, promotes healthy digestion, analgesic.
  • Rosemary Oil – boosts hair growth for a well maintained coat, lowers cortisol and improves liver function

We can expect to see many of the same benefits in pets as we do in people. These are great for animals that are slowing down or showing signs of emotional distress.

Grain free, non GMO, USA sourced beef, all natural.

The recommended serving is 1 treat per day or as needed. Larger dogs can take up to 2 treats daily, but smaller doggos may only need one per day.

18 reviews for 375mg Pet Hemp Treats

  1. Felicia G.

    My dogs love these treats! They have separation anxiety & we use these when it’s time to go to work.

  2. Thomas

    This is a GREAT natural way to relieve your dog’s pains. Works for them just like it works for us!

  3. lulu’s momma

    I love treating my dog to something that actually helps her!

  4. Matthew

    My dog is really picky & she LOVES these. Great treats! She says thank you!

  5. dog loves it!

    My dog is on the small size, so I was a little worried about giving her a whole treat. I started with a half & she seemed fine, so gave her the other half about an hour later. She loves them, so we’re sticking with it!

  6. Sue E

    My dogs love these treats! They keep my pups active and happy. At first I was concerned about them getting THC, but your treats have zero and they help with hip pain.

  7. Chad Miranda

    WOW finally a grain-free doggy treat with CBD that isn’t a bisquit!

  8. Mabel Godwin

    My dog was diagnosed with subcutaneous lymphoma and can’t have sugar and needs all the protein she can get. I love that your treats have more than just CBD. The sunflower lecithin is helping her skin.

  9. Ada Staley

    I like the break-ability of these little snacks. I believe they are made from beef.

  10. Spencer Moore

    My doggo loves CBD-he’s able to run after about a week of eating CBD treat.

  11. Fredrick S. Tucker

    My dog is not a vegan and appreciates your use of beef. 🙂

  12. Eric C. Blaze

    Older dogs start losing cartilage in their joints and they can’t tell us if they are in pain. Good to just keep the dogs comfortable with some natural treats instead of meds that will cause problems elsewhere down the road.

  13. Paulette B. Pursley

    I tried giving my dog the CBD oil and thank you for recommending these treats! Buddy Boy loves the tasty little nuggets and runs to me when I grab the bag.

  14. Ethan Allison

    I hope these aren’t bad for cats because my cat can’t get enough of your treats

  15. Bev Smallwood

    I use Groheline CBD and so does my dog now! We are both claiming our birth rite! Pure nature health.

  16. Pinkie Whiteside

    Switched my dog to a raw diet and these treats fall under that category since they are beef. What a bonus my baby is getting with the CBD. Thank you for being great vendors!

  17. Aryana Beck

    my sweet corgi is feeling better thanks to these treats. i had a hard time getting him to take the droplets even when i mixed it in food so these were perfect. he struggles with back pain so has a hard time running but now he’s looking a lot better. even keeping up with the bigger dogs! 4 stars only because the packaging was easily chewable by the dogs

  18. taco’s momma

    love ! my Chihuahua has zero chill and these really helped him calm down

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