What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD oil) is a naturally occurring component of cannabis. It is the active ingredient in the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. The phytocannabinoids found in the hemp plant support the body and mind, working in unison to assist with a healthier lifestyle.

What is Cannabinoid Oil (CBD Oil)?

While the Cannabis plant produces THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive ingredient found in the cannabis plant, CBD is not phyocative and doesn’t carry THC. Organic CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant then diluted with a carrier oil (hemp oil).

How it Works

The human body has an incredible way of producing cannabinoids all on its own. But as we need assistance in life, your body needs assistance, also. Although these cannabinoids are helpful receptors to us, sometimes they need help communicating with each other. Our body does this by communicating with these two receptors, CB1 and CB2. The CB1 receptors are found throughout the body, however, many are found in the brain. This receptor is responsible for dealing with emotions, moods, pain, coordination and movement, memories, thinking, and often functions of the body. CB2 is commonly found in the immune system, reflecting pain and inflammation within the body.

Cannabinoids (including CBD) attach to certain receptors in the body to produce healthy effects in the mind and body.

Hemp vs Marijuana

Although slightly similar in appearance, hemp and marijuana belong to the Cannabis family, but are quite different. Their cultivation, application, and function differ drastically. Marijuana is used for its medical and recreational purposes, however, cannot offer the same benefits as hemp can. Marijuana and hemp have been categorized as being one in the same because they are of the same family. Government restrictions have been place for both hemp and marijuana because of this assumption. Hemp has little no THC, the compound recognizable in marijuana. Hemp is widely used for it’s 25,0000 medicinal applications and has been proven positive in ones daily life.

CBD vs Hemp Oil

CBD and Hemp may seem similar in appearance but are distinctively different scientifically.
Hemp oil is the extracted hemp seeds from the hemp plant. Industrial hemp oil online is the only plant used when making hemp oil because of the significantly less psychoactive substance that is contained. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the natural element of the hemp or cannabis plant. CBD oil has a distinctive content of cannabidiol and is extracted from the flowers, leaves and stalk of the hemp, not the seeds themselves.

Hemp Oil vs Hemp Oil Extract

Hemp oil extract (CBD) is coming from the exact bud or flower, whereas hemp oil is derived from the seeds, leaving out the CBD and other cannabinoids. The hemp oil you see on the shelves at the stores is almost like olive or sunflower oil. This oil can be used for salads and other foods as well as a conditioner for the skin. Hemp oil extract is highly potent and used for medicinal purposes because of its concentrated amounts of cannabinoids. Hemp oil extract can be used with a carrier oil (such a coconut or olive) for dilution.

Which Products Do I Need?

For you – Anyone looking to experience relief from pain and inflammation can benefit from hemp oil extract. This oil promotes healthy cardiovascular function, helps reduce anxiety, and promotes a restful night’s sleep.
Other incredible healing benefits include:

  • Reducing diabetes risk
  • Offers soothing analgesic (pain relief) effects
  • Has anti-seizure properties
  • Fights cancer by abolishing cancer cells
  • Reduces anxiety and depression related to the limbic and paralimbic areas of the brain


For your Pets – The Groheline Pet Hemp Oil extract is designed to help support your pet’s daily body function. This oil can assist with your pet’s gastrointestinal issues, seizures, and even help reduce anxiety. It is infused with hemp seed oil or coconut MCT oil. The Pet Hemp oil extract is available in 250ml and 500ml.

External Protection – Our salves are designed to help bring immediate relief to your muscles and joints. Made from the best parts of the plant, this salve is concentrated with high amounts of hemp extract and a variety of soothing oils.

Capsules – Sometimes, our body (and mind) needs a little help focusing. It can be nearly impossible to concentrate without relaxing our mind first. The Groheline Gel Caps come in 25mg and assist with your mood and focus while helping you relax.

Gummie Chews – These sweet treats offer relief for any time needed. They’re enhanced with all-natural fruit flavors and are infused with 25mg of hemp oil extract.

Soothing Ice – For those who experience frequent muscle stiffness and joint pain, this blended formula of menthol and hemp oil extract offer cooling on-the-spot relief.

Vape – The Groheline Vape Pens come in individual, single formulas that focus on your needs. Each vape pen offers 25mg of hemp oil extract for quick relief through inhalation.

The Groheline Difference

Our commitment is to provide you with high-quality CBD hemp oil online without THC at an affordable cost. We provide CBD oil online in all 50 states, no prescription necessary. It’s important and our top-priority to provide extensive support and education through research and testimonials when you’re considering purchasing our hemp oil extract. Our products are gluten free and organically grown without pesticides.