• How to Pick the Best Dosage of CBD for You

    If you have never tried CBD before, it might be confusing when shopping around for different products. CBD oil comes in various forms, colors and blends and a bunch of different sizes. So how do you tell which dosage is right for you? Unfortunately the answer isn’t exactly a black and white one.

    Each human […]

  • Using Natural CBD Oil for Menstrual Cramps

    According to Healthline, hormone-like chemicals called prostaglandins trigger the uterus to contract during menstruation. This is what helps your body get rid of the uterine lining, but it can be an extremely painful process, which is commonly referred to as “cramps.”

    Menstrual cramps can be extremely debilitating for many people. To make matters even worse, […]

  • CBD Oil as a Tobacco Alternative

    It’s no secret: kicking a nicotine addiction is incredibly hard. According to Mayo Clinic, the reason why it’s so easy to get hooked on tobacco products is because their main ingredient, nicotine, produces physical and mood-altering effects such as dopamine, in the brain that are temporarily pleasing. Due to the intensity and euphoria these effects […]

  • Pros of Using Natural CBD Oil

    The explosion of the CBD industry has forced an overwhelming amount of CBD companies and products into the marketplace, but what are the benefits? Why bother paying for and using pure natural CBD oil? Well, natural CBD oil actually has an abundance of health benefits and it a more natural treatment than popping prescription pills […]

  • Finding the Right CBD Oil Capsules for You

    There are many health benefits that come with using CBD oil capsules, but how do you know which one is right for you? The explosion of the CBD industry has forced an overwhelming amount of CBD companies and products into the marketplace. It’s important to do your research on both the company and product before […]

  • A Groheline Guide to Introducing CBD to Your Pets

    You’ve probably heard your friend at the dog park talking about how CBD helped her corgi experience less joint pain. Or you heard Susan from your office talking about how CBD helps alleviate her beloved feline’s anxiety. Regardless of how you heard the term thrown around, the buzz about CBD’s positive effects on pets is […]

  • CBD for Athletes: What You Need to Know

    Strained muscles and joint pain can seriously affect how athletes perform. Even though tired, sore muscles can be expected after vigorous exercise, muscle strains aren’t the easiest to work through while exercising. And for athletes whose stakes are high or whose careers depend on their performance, one bad day of pain can negatively impact how […]

  • Can CBD Help With Anxiety?

    It comes in waves. First you’re completely fine, enjoying your day. Then, out of nowhere, it hits you: a tidal wave of nervousness, panic, and unexplainable fear. If this happens to you, you might be experiencing anxiety. Whereas anxiety attacks can be scary in the moment, there are some comforting statistics and treatments that may […]

  • What CBD Oil Strength Do I Need?

    Whether you’re a first or a frequent user of organic CBD oil, you may come across the conundrum surrounding how much CBD oil to take. Because the effects of organic CBD oil differ from person to person, the strength variation will also. So how do you know how much is too much or too little? […]

  • Benefits of Using CBD Oil

    Aside from its calming relief, CBD oil presents many health benefits. From the treatment of chronic inflammation to healthy anti-anxiety treats for your dog, this wholesome plant is safe and effective for everyday use. CBD oil is used worldwide for its nurturing benefits.

    Pain in The…

    You know that dull ankle ache you’ve been dealing with […]